NEW COMISSION     5 dwellings in "el campillo"                           Badajoz Extremadura

Recently we have been visiting the site of our new commission in partnership with Bear Architecture.


The plot is located in Concepcion street in the city of Badajoz and is part of a network of opportunity building sites for the regeneration of the historical borough.


The commission follows an open competition of architectural ideas in which our proposal was awarded



AWARD      THIRD PRIZE     Ideas Competition                          Badajoz Extremadura

Mugak / Boundaries / Fronteras / Frontières


A stimulating programme of activities, including conferences, workshops, round tables, discussions, exhibitions and guided tours, will be deployed for the duration of the Biennial. All of the activities will be free of charge and open to all citizens.


This will be an excellent opportunity to analyse and try to redefine the boundaries that link and separate Architecture to and from other academic disciplines, in an attempt to restore the humanist tradition that connects it to Philosophy, Art or Culture, whilst searching for areas of symbiosis and collaboration with Economics, Geography or Sociology, that assist in devising solutions to common dilemmas.


Mugak also aspires to break down the boundaries that circumscribe Architecture within limits that are oftentimes difficult to access and understand by the population as a whole.


Thus, inviting them to participate in the celebration of Architecture represented by Mugak constitutes an attempt to reduce the distance that currently separates Architecture from the citizenry it must serve.






Convento Santa Teresa, Donosti.




Cristina Acha & Miguel Zaballa will lecture about  the Pilot Project for Public Housing Stock Optimisation in the Basque Autonomous Community


LECTURE      MUGAK      International Architecture Biennial   Donostia San Sebastian

The jury of the ideas competition "El Campillo" convened by the City of Badajoz and the Official College of Architects (COADE), has announced the ten teams of architects that will develop the different projects.


The proposal “ocho casas” co-authored by the architecture offices from Bilbao Acha Zaballa Architects (Cristina Acha & Miguel Zaballa)  and BEAR Architecture (Iñigo Berasategui & Ane Arce) has been awarded the Third Prize


The jury was composed by the Town Planning Councilor, Celestino Rodolfo; Carmen Espegel, Javier Sanz (both appointed by the Junta de Extremadura); Justo García (appointed by Coade); and Sergio Antunes (appointed by the City of Badajoz).



Rehabilitation Old mine tunnels and redevelopment of the Ocharan area  Castro-Urdiales














Eight years later since we won the Ocharan Ideas Competition in Castro-Urdiales and we wrote the old mine tunnels refurbishment project, we are pleased to announce that the city council has called us back to resume the work to reclaim this urban heritage from abandonment.


Some little changes have occurred during this period, but the fact is that the romantic charm of the site is still intact. The main objectives are still the same. Certain sensibility has changed though.





AWARD     Accésit    Ideas Competition Manzana del Palacio Escoriaza - Esquivel            Vitoria














Special Mention.

Architectural Ideas Competition for the renewal of the Escoriaza-Esquivel Palace urban block as a cultural complex in Vitoria-Gasteiz










(…) The first of the special mentions recognized the idea of  ‘Gaur Erromeria’ proposal signed by Acha Zaballa Architects.  The jury points out the study proposal of the medieval wall and the idea of softening the impact of the existing sport facility. The jury also praises the architectural elegance and reversibility of the solution as well as the functional versatility. (…)





LECTURE                 COAVN,   Official Chamber of Basque Navarre Architects          Bilbao

On May 17th, the National Day of Norway, Acha Zaballa Arquitectos will give a lecture at the Biscay Delegation of the Basque-Navarre Chamber of Architects

in the context of the ‘National tourist Routes in Norway / Architecture and Landscape’ exhibition organized by the Embassy of Norway.















“A blue_green approach” is a narrative about the reuse of resources and the recovery of landscape, about the contradictions between the economic uncertainty that conditions the technological innovation and the priorities of our cities, through the channel of the work developed following the winning proposal in the Norwegian city of Stavanger in the competition Adaptable City organized by Europan Norway.





EXHIBITION                                                                                 EUROPAN 13 en la  ETSA-UPV


NEW COMMISSION                                                                                        Dome Accommodation


Recently we have been commissioned the refurbishment of an attic in a 1920’s building designed by the prestigious local architect Ricardo de Bastida.

The challenge is to achieve a flexible and non-hierarchical living space in this constraint but very bright under-roof volume.


We will show you soon the results of this work in progress.



NEW PUBLICATION OFL LECTURES L _ OO4  WINTER 2016    indigo, a blue-green approach


OFL Lectures L004 Winter 2016




Author: Acha Zaballa Arquitectos

• OFL Lectures L_004 winter 2017

> Indigo. A Blue-Green Approach


Today the appropriate use of resources and the accurate assessment of social priorities remain to be the objective in the urban development. We wonder how the innovation provided by technology, which is increasingly accessible, is helping to improve our cities, to conserve resources, to generate new ways of sharing the public space.  In parallel to technological progress, and somehow due to it, the renaturalization of urban areas is becoming a priority. We wonder in what way it matters this longing for the approach to the natural issue in the concept of urban development with the goal of equality and a common identity based on diversit

Within this context we focus this lecture in our proposal for a specific case: the revitalization of Forus area in Stavanger (Norway). ‘Indigo’ is a re-naturalization strategy with special emphasis on identity


About Oil Forest League:

Established as an informal school by a group of twelve scientists who convened in a College after being "struck" by a lecture by Christopher Wren, the Royal Society is the inspiration for the Oil Forest League.

Starting from similar motives, the Oil Forest League has invited several designers and thinkers from various countries to convene in an (immaterial) place to meditate on how science and technology might come forward with a renewed spiritual drive in order to build a less conflictual combination of man-made and natural spaces in the contemporary landscape.

OIL FOREST LEAGUE. The first Free School of Design and Environment.

Since 2015.


ISBN 9788894139457




PUBLICATION                                            AFASIA        Utopía, palacio el capricho. Madrid


FINALIST 2nd round            New Town hall for Prague 7 District      Prague, Czech Republic



















































The district of Prague 7 declared an international architectural competition for a design for its new town hall.


The jury members were architects with extensive experience in both practicing architecture and competing: Silvia Brandi (IAAC, MIAS Architecture, Barcelona), Jörn Aram Bihain (V+, Brusel), Kamil Mrva (KMA, Kopřivnice and Prague), Lukáš Kordík (gutgut, Bratislava) and Lukáš Kohl (architect and developer, Prague). The alternate for the independent part of the jury will be Magdalena Rochová (Jaroušek Rochová architekti, Prague). On the part of Prague 7, the participants in the design selection will be mayor Jan Čižinský and councillor Lenka Burgerová, with the alternate as councillor Pavel Zelenka.


70 entries

The jury met on 18th and 19th March 2016 and  selected 8 competition entries to advance to the second round of the competition. Our entry was between those eight.


The competition entries can be examined on the exhibition from May 17 to May 31 in the ground floor of the new City Hall U Průhonu 1338





Projects presentation / expo inauguration    Europan 13 España      Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Europan Spanish Committee and the Official Chamber of Architects organize the E13 projects presentation in Palma de Mallorca.

May 6th is also the date for 'The Adaptable City 2' wining projects exposition. Our 'Indigo' proposal will be on show as the Stavanger (NO) Special Mention.

A good opportunity to meet colleagues and share experiences about common concerns.


PUBLICATION                           Europan 13 EUROPE             The adaptable city 2


HIGHLIGHTED ENTRY                       New Aarhus School of Architecture          Aarhus, Denmark

The Danish Building & Property Agency with the Aarhus School of Architecture have announced the three winning teams of the open competition to design the NEW AARCH project. These designs include new buildings for the Aarhus School of Architecture and the development of the surrounding area in Aarhus known as Godsbanearealerne.


The call for ideas received 235 proposals from 47 countries. The three winners are: Erik Giudice Architects (Sweden/France); Brian Vargo, Jonas Nielsen & Mathias Palle (Denmark); and Atelier Lorentzen Langkilde (Denmark).


Our entry was highlighted by the jury


The proposals are exhibited in the exhibition building, Nørreport 22, Aarhus School of Architecture from 4-27 April.


LECTURE                                                                   SAF,  IKDP Forus          Stavanger, Norway

Last February 10th we presented our E13 Indigo proposal at SAF Stavanger Arkitektforening, where we had the opportunity to meet their president Per Fretheim and many colleagues. We were accompanied by Dace Gurecka and Vicente Iborra and Iván Capdevilla from  PlayStudio, the other E13 #Stavanger winers.


On February 11th we presented our ideas and reflections on the Stedsanalyse of Forus workshop.  We also met Henrik Lundberg from KAP studio, who led the workshop held by IKDP and the municipalities of Sandnes, Sola and Stavanger. We were so fortunate to share a conurbation site tour with Henrik Lundberg, Martin Lillesand head of plan section at Sola kommune and Martin Tengesdal adviser at Sandnes kommune.


WORKSHOP                                                  IKDP Forus - Stedsanalyse         Stavanger, Norway

Next February 11th we will take part in the IKDP Forus - Stedsanalyse Workshop invited by IKDP, the municipalities of Sola, Sandnes and Stavanger. The workshop will be lead by KAP and will bring us the opportunity to discuss about the challenges faced in Forus future development.



LECTURE                                                                                                          Stavanger, Norway

Next February 10th we will be in Stavanger presenting our Europan13 awarded proposal invited by SAF, Stavanger Arkitektforening the local architect association, with the other winners Dace Gurecka and Play studio.


EXHIBITION                                                                                                                           Bilbao

Our project  "frontón in armintza" in bilbao, bizkaia

The roaming exhibition of "diálogos. elkarrizketak. Arquitectuta vizcaína del siglo XXI" goes on.

curators: Victor Ugarte, Lander Parra, Iratxe Mariam



EXHIBITION                                                                                                                    Barakaldo

Our project  "frontón in armintza" in barakaldo, bizkaia

"diálogos. elkarrizketak. Arquitectuta vizcaína del siglo XXI" exhibition

curators: Victor Ugarte, Lander Parra, Iratxe Mariam

Photo: mapa-tda arquitectura


LECTURE                  Inauguration of European Capital of Culture year 2016  Inhabit the city

In the context of the official inauguration agenda of the Donostia/San Sebastian 2016_ European Capital Of Culture


Cemento Rezola Museum:

Inhabit the city round table.

The talks will cover the themes of urban transformation, architecture and childhood, as well as the derivatives of architecture.

We will share our vision and experiences and talk about our Europan 13 honorable mention proposal as a paradigm of the european urban context with its challenges.



EXHIBITION                                                            CLESA renovation ideas competition.   Madrid

During february the exhibition of the CLESA competition can be visited in the COAM headquarters in Madrid.



AWARD ceremony                                                        EUROPAN 13 stavanger, norway.   OSLO 


Last December 3rd it was held the Norway Europan 13 prize ceremony at the NAL headquarters in Oslo. The ceremony was conducted by the Eurpoan secretariat Øystein Rø. NALs president Alexandria Algard and Europan Norway Board President Knut Eirik Dahl.

There we had the opportunity to meet all the winers and site representatives.


Next day, we also took part in the presentation of results with all the awarded teams as well as in the


 #Stavanger workshop.

We shared our vision and discuss about the conclusions with the wining team Play Studio and runner-up Dace Gurecka. We all present our ideas to Grete Kvinnesland and Fieke Verschueren from Stavanger municipality and Marit Sletteberg Storli, Ingrid Lerang and Ingrid Eileraas from IKDP Forus Stavanger Komune.



AWARD                                                   EUROPAN 13 stavanger, norway.   SPECIAL MENTION 

Our entry "INDIGO" for Stavanger (Norway) has been awarded with a SPECIAL MENTION in the Europan 13 "Adaptable city 2".

167 entries contributed to the discussion on Norwegian urbanity.


PUBLICATION  AchaZaballa Arquitectos selected among 35 emerging architects in "On Diseño"   



(...) This issue of the magazine, insofar as it is a recognition of a start that marked a cultural route and a characteristic way of doing things, has decided to take a break in its journey and, using the experience accumulated over the years, direct its gaze to the future in order to select a series of projects by authors who at this time are considered to be emerging in terms of their cultural values and their recognition by the media.

(...)To justify the selection process we can resort to a a formulaic though no less accurate phrase, which is that "everybody who is on it is somebody, but no everybody who is somebody is on it". It seems important here to mention that by "emerging" we understand something that approaches the concept of youth while not necessarily being linked to it. We are speaking of a professional generation, in many cases as yet little explored by the media owing to the fact that it has entered the professional arena in a development phase in which the team comprises oneself or no much more than two- people who are in the age of perseverance and who have in common the need to slough off part of what they have learnt as being superfluous, prejudiced or simply outdated for them and for the way they work

editorial on diseño 350        ISNN 0210-2080


EXHIBITION              ETSASS /DAGET Escuela Técnica Superior Arquitectura San Sebastian

Our project  "frontón in armintza" in etsass


curators: Victor Ugarte, Lander Parra, Iratxe Mariam


FINALIST             " Biblioteca en el Antiguo Cuartel de Policía Local en Almería" ideas competition

Our entry EN ABANICO   for the "Biblioteca en el Antiguo Cuartel de Policía Local en Almería" ideas competition has been finalist among the 90 entries.


EXHIBITION                                            SALA ONDARE. DIPUTACIÓN FORAL BIZKAIA BILBAO   

Our project  "frontón in armintza" in sala ondare


curators: Victor Ugarte, Lander Parra, Iratxe Mariam


LECTURE                                        PROYECTAR BILBAO  "arquitectura de futuro para la ciudad"



LECTURE                                        PROYECTAR BILBAO  "arquitectura de futuro para la ciudad"



achazaballa has been selected by "GRUPO VIA" (www.grupovia.net) in a selection of the leading architectural firms established in Bilbao.


EXHIBITION                                                                                                            METRO BILBAO


On September the 6th will take place the inauguration of the Bizkaia architecture exhibition. It will be held in MetroBilbao, and belongs to the programme of activities developed on the occasion of the first edition of BIA Urban Regeneration Forum. The exhibition will include a selection of the best works in Biscay and the fronton in armintza has been chosen as one of the most important landmarks of the city of Bilbao.


curators: Victor Ugarte, Lander Parra, Iratxe Mariam


PUBLICATION                                                                  7K ZAZPIKA GARAren aldizkaria. nº 818


autors: Miguel Zaballa, Andrés Iza, Carlos Garmendia



PUBLICATION  ARCHITECTURE CULTURE nº 396. 월간 건축문화 건축문화 1405 (396호) Korea 

Our entry to BALTIC SEA ART PARK competition in parnü.

in colaboration wih bat arquitectura




The Comité de Selección composed of representatives of VETECO, IFEMA and CSCAE (Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain) has selected HOTEL IN HERRERA DEL DUQUE at the Procesos Arquitectónicos awards.

The selected projects will be promoted in an exhibition panels at the Salón Internacional de la Construcción to be held at IFEMA from 28 April to 11 May 2014 within the Semana Internacional de la Construcción de Madrid.


AWARD                                                                                             WT SMARTCITY 2014. MILAN 

The project “Baltic Sea Art Park” co-authored by the architecture offices from Bilbao Acha Zaballa Architects and BAT - Bilbao Architecture Team has been awarded the Third Prize in the WT SmartCity Awards, international urban and architectural competition. The event has taken place within the Milan Design Week, international reference in the field of design. The award ceremony, chaired by the President of the Province of Milan, is been attended by prominent personalities from institutions and companies in the design sector as well as representatives from various worldwide architectural firms. Numerous journalists from specialized journals, newspapers and local television stations have covered the event.


The project and its model have been exposed in the Palazzo Isimbardi. The exhibition brought together the 25 finalists and received hundreds of visitors during the Milan Design Week this April.


The “Baltic Sea Art” project by Acha Zaballa Architects and BAT was specifically designed for the International Ideas Competition organized by the Estonian Union of Architects and the Town Government of Pärnu with the aim to achieve a new landmark in the city of Pärnu, to develop a network communication between the nations and states of the Baltic Sea. The project was awarded the Third Prize by the international jury who pointed “a most attractive work with an unforgettable design, situated on the old out-dated bridge it combines old and new giving. One of the best urbanistic solutions in the competition showing the possibilities of the 21rst century architecture (…) Impressive and challenging”


The WT SmartCity Awards jury has valued the sustainable use exploiting the natural elements for a flexible solution of adequate scale.


AWARD                                                                        PROCESOS ARQUITECTÓNICOS  CSCAE


The Comité de Selección composed of representatives of VETECO, IFEMA and CSCAE (Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain) has selected HOTEL IN HERRERA DEL DUQUE at the Procesos Arquitectónicos awards.

The selected projects will be promoted in an exhibition panels at the Salón Internacional de la Construcción to be held at IFEMA from 8 to 11 May 2012 within the Semana Internacional de la Construcción de Madrid.


AWARD                                          PLAZA EUSKAL HERRIA IN ORKOIEN    SPECIAL MENTION     


Our entry to the "Concurso de ideas de proyecto de reurbanización de la plaza euskal herria y ejecución de nuevo frontón" competition in Navarra has been awarded with a special mention.


PUBLICATION                                                                         MOREhouse in     PHAIDON ATLAS

Next January, the Atlas Phaidon will be launch with one of our projects!!!

MOREhouse will be part of the "The world's fines online resource of 21st century architecture" as they call it.


                                                                                                    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!! 


PUBLICATION                                              AFASIA        EUROPAN 12 DON BENITO, BADAJOZ

Our entry to the Europan 12 competition in Don Benito in afasia


PUBLICATION                                                                                                HIC!       MOREhouse

MOREhouse in castro-urdiales. spain


AWARD  CEREMONY                                                   BALTIC SEA ART PARK, TALLIN ESTONIA

In Tallin, on december 11th 2013, it took place the award ceremony of the Baltic Sea Art Park International Competition with the announcement of the prizes between the seven finalists selected from the 78 submitted entries


AWARD      THIRD PRIZE    BALTIC SEA ART PARK, PARNÜ ESTONIA international competition

Baltic Sea Art Park

Location: Pärnu, Estonia

in association with: BAT architecture


EXHIBITION                                                                                   ARQUITECTURA SOSTENIBLE


Exposición comisariada por ATARI conjuntamente con el Museum Cementos Rezola de San Sebastián en la que se explican los principales conceptos de la sostenibilidad desde un punto de vista arquitectónico haciendo hincapie en el ciclo de vida de los edificios. Esta exposición con un montaje multimedia que combina maquetas, pantallas táctiles, muestras, fotografías etc, explica distintos enfoques dados a problematicas medioambientales poniendo en valor entre otras ideas aquellas relativas al reciclaje, reutilizacón y rehabilitación de edificios existentes. Incluye proyectos de Josep Lluis Sert, Lacaton&Vassal, Calderon-Folch-Sarsanedas, Estudio Beldarrain, Acha&Zababalla, MID arquitectura y paisaje.


PUBLICATION                                                                                                      ON DISEÑO  334


PUBLICATION                                                                                                             EL CORREO



PUBLICATION                                                                                         BILBAO AYUNTAMIENTO


PUBLICATION                                                                     VÍA CONSTRUCCIÓN NEWSLETTER


LECTURE                                                                              INNOVA TOUTH MEETING. MADRID

El jueves 28 de febrero, invitados por Atari y ViaConstrucción, compartimos sesión con estudio SIC, HTC architecture, Dosmasuno, FünDC y Suarez Santas arquitectos.


LECTURE                                                                              INNOVA TOUTH MEETING. MADRID


PUBLICATION                                                                                                                      ALDIRI


PUBLICATION                                                                                                                         DEIA


LECTURE                                                                 PAVILLON D´ARCHITECTUR PAU. FRANCE

Architectes Basques <40 Pavillon de l´architecture PAU. France Atari.Ka


PUBLICATION                                                                             7K ZAZPIKA GARAren aldizkaria


AWARD                                                                                 ARQUITECTURA EN POSITIVO     CSCAE



The Comité de Selección composed of representatives of VETECO, IFEMA and CSCAE (Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain) has selected MOREhouse at the Arquitectura en Positivo awards.

The selected projects will be promoted in an exhibition panels at the Salón Internacional de la Construcción to be held at IFEMA from 8 to 11 May 2011 within the Semana Internacional de la Construcción de Madrid.


LECTUREARQUITECTURAS CERCANAS     COAVN Basque/Navarran Association of Architects



LECTURE                                                          ARCHITECTES BASQUES <40    PAU, FRANCE