frontón in armintza






     Cristina Acha Odriozola. Architect

     Miguel Zaballa Llano. Architect

  >PROMOTER:  Council of Lemoiz

>ADDRESS: La Atalaya, Armintza Borough/ Lemoiz(Biscay) Spain

  >SURFACE: 830,00 m²

  >Date: Project 2007 / Building date 2010

  >STRUCTURE CONSULTANT: Minteguia Bilbao Architects

  >BUDGET: 606.240€ VAT excl.


The task is to upgrade the relation with the urban blocks: the continuity of the public space and the relation with the residential buildings in closed proximity. The sport facility is seen as a public space extension for the common activity.

A façade in three bands: in the lower level the coloured boxes that hold the changing rooms and services; an intermediate overhanging level with defined shadows that protect the grandstand; a whitish and plane façade on top. This composition helps the weight descend beneath and offers a gradual lecture of the big volume from the narrow streets.

The variable overhanging section has a structural function as compensator of structural forces and as solar protector for the glass façade: the hanging width enlarges as the sun exposition grows towards the southwest end were the street open area spreads out. Therefore where the fronton faces a dwelling building the over hanged balcony shrinks and where the street is wide and the fronton looses the close solar protection the cover balcony stretches to its maximum.

 The polycarbonate façade with transparent-translucent vibrancies on top, the over hanged level over the red blue small cases of the basement are elements that introduce a different lecture of the unique big volume cut over the steep slope.


This building is part of the urban renovation programme leaded by the Lemoiz city council. The possibilities for new uses will serve to enrich the activity of the Armintza borough and, in this new panorama, to develop the pala game.